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The DPoA Group

The DPoA Group

Providing professional service and management solutions.

Some 20 years ago a company was formed to look after the Diplomats and Consuls in Australia. The peculiarity of legislation and tax rules applied to this sector was rather complex and challenging. The systems and processes developed over the years have allowed us to apply many of these in our future development of SalaryMasters and LeaseMasters for all FBT Status employer groups.

Exceptional Customer Service is paramount.

We are the quiet achiever of the salary packaging and leasing services industry.

We believe in giving excellent customer service to deliver immediate and real value to our clients through a streamlined process.

As a result of our services, our clients enjoy significant financial savings by being able to apply tax legislation that translates into significant tax savings. Our streamlined processes, and ‘always accessible’ approach to customer service ensures that our clients can effortlessly benefit from these savings.

We thrive on being the best that we can, and the best in the industry. Our experience is drawn from 20 years in the industry allowing us to translate all of our learnings into a process where any complexity is removed, and simplicity and automation take over — ensuring a seamless and ongoing salary packaging and leasing service.

Our Brands


LeasesMasters is a key player in the Novated and Fleet Management market in Australia.

LeaseMasters offers fleet management services on a web based platform and is particularly renowned for its innovations and ability to achieve significant savings to end users and fleet operations as a whole.

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SalaryMasters is a leading provider and an authority in the world of salary packaging.

With clients spanning from the health care industry to government and corporate entities (big and small). SalaryMasters is a mature brand with extensive knowledge about employee benefits.

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