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Who we are

The DPoA Group is a professional services and management company. We specialise in providing salary, vehicle and general financial packaging solutions to both the public and private sectors. We aim to develop long-term relationships with all our clients because we know this approach brings the most positive outcomes.

The DPoA Group was founded on the principles of supplying enthusiastic and personalised service, innovative products and value. Initially serving the needs of the diplomatic and consular corps, our business soon expanded. With offices now in five states, our operations now span several businesses. Since we began over ten years ago we may have grown, but our principles have not changed. We now help all sorts of organisations to expand into new and exciting territory.

Our Brands

The DPoA Group's portfolio of companies focuses on the strengthening of customer relationships. Together, we help our clients reach solutions in Salary Packaging and Vehicle Management. Each of our companies provide unique offers to employers and employees alike, and we would love to have a chat about how any can be of assistance to you or your company.


LeaseMasters is a key player in the Novated and Fleet Management market in Australia.

Our customer base includes many Government and Corporate entities. LeaseMasters offers fleet management services on a web based platform and is particularly renowned for its innovations and ability to achieve significant savings to end users and fleet operations as a whole.

SalaryMasters is a leading provider and an authority in the world of salary packaging. With clients in the health care industry, government and corprate entities, SalaryMasters is a mature brand with extensive knowledge about employee benefits. Using the latest in technology and with specific ATO rulings tailored to our latest offerings, the administration of your organisation's salary packaging has never been easier. At the forefront of this technology, SalaryMasters proudly facilitates prepaid card solutions, eliminating the guesswork from reimbursement claims.

SalaryEssentials is the premier Software-as-a-Service developed by the Masters at The DPoA Group. A project that has been produced from the desire to have a state of the art salary packaging software, SalaryEssentials is now used by 50 happy organisations as their solution to offering employee benefits with full compliance to ATO guidelines.