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Time to Celebrate

Tuesday, 11th March 2014

Saturday, February 8 2014, at the National Multicultural Festival was an amazing day! From the beauty of the costumes to the delicious food and friendly people, it was a day that brought out the best in Canberra. We enjoy sponsoring the event every year to support the importance of community. We happily increased our own community, getting the chance to meet many new people on the day. Raj and Margaret enjoyed speaking to many of you about novated leases, providing on the spot quotes with the online calculator and introducing you to the brand new Mazda 3. We would like to thank Slaven Mazda for their prompt delivery and outstanding service on the day, delivering the eye-catching red SP25 GT early in the morning. If any of you went to Slaven Mazda to purchase a new car, we would love to see a photo with your car displaying your LeaseMasters sticker! Post it on our Facebook page here! Stay tuned for more information, we are cooking up a great prize for the best post. We already have one submission featured in the newsletter!

Many of you grabbed one of our show bags, which included a stress cube. We hope they provided a valuable distraction for tired parents after a long day on their feet! Many of you also entered the fuel voucher giveaway. Phillip Parkins was the lucky winner of our giveaway, correctly answering the trivia question and earning himself a $350 fuel voucher. Phil is a current client of The DPoA Group and when we phoned him to give him the good news he said, “I am so happy. I feel very lucky as I haven’t won a raffle in a long time.”

We are also very pleased to congratulate another winner, Tim Conolan founder of TLC for Kids. Tim has been awarded the Australia’s Local Hero of 2014, as part of the Australian of the Year Awards. Conolan established the charity TLC for kids with his long-term partner, Ana Darras, in 1998. It is a not-for-profit organisation that offers the fastest free support in Australia for all children in hospital and their families.

We would like to offer additional support to Tim and TLC for Kids by arranging work place giving through your salary packaging. If you are already salary packing through SalaryMasters we can add to your package. If you are not, we will set it up for free. It is as simple as a dollar a pay!

While we are proud of Tim and his work, we also understand that you may wish to donate to other charities. Just nominate the charity and the amount. The money goes directly to your chosen charity from your pre-tax salary.

Remember, work place giving is easy! It is just four steps: choose the charity, determine the amount, contact us and start giving. And it comes from your pre-tax salary!

For more information about work place giving and how we can assist you, please email us or call us on 1300 303 357.

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