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Your guide to getting the best car deal in the EOFY sales

Monday, 19th June 2017

The end of financial year can be a great opportunity to find a bargain on a new car. Whether it is a heavily discounted run-out model or an excellent drive-away price on a new car, it is certainly worth having a look around.
However, it is important to note that while a car can be one of your greatest assets, it can also be a significant liability.  To put you at an advantage in the car purchase game, here are three points to remember when you’re car hunting – think 3 R’s - right choice, running costs, and re-sale.

1: Right choice
Firstly, think about the need of your car - is it for practicality or lifestyle? Above all else, it is vital that your car meets your needs, and ensuring it this happens right from the start eliminates annoyances later on.

2: Running costs:
Running costs include everything from fuel, to repairs, and available parts.  Think about the running costs of the car before getting excited about the ‘drive away’ sale price. With the average Australian covering more than 14,000kms each year, a car with high running costs can significantly outweigh the drive-away cost. The great sales price may not end up being so great later on.

3: Re-sale:
Re-sale is ultimately the difference between a smart initial purchase, and being stuck with an unwanted item. Do your second-hand research, and choose a car that is considered reliable, safe, and valuable on the second-hand market! Making a smart purchase initially will mean you can send your car to a new home once it’s served its purpose for you – and regain some of your expenses in the process!

Never forget, owning a car isn’t just about the initial purchase price; it is the whole life cost of your vehicle that matters!

While it may sound like a boring finance term, purchasing a car through a Novated Lease can give you an advantage with each of these 3 Rs.

A Novated Lease gives you the advantage across each of the 3 Rs:
1. Buy the car of your choice, but leverage our fleet purchasing power
Remember, we buy hundreds of cars for our clients each year and have great relationships with all major car dealerships – this means that whatever great EoFY discount you can get already, we can often help you save even more!

2. Pay for not just your car, but also your fuel, insurance, and maintenance with pre-tax dollars!
A novated lease with LeaseMasters allows you to purchase your car and all operating costs with your pre-tax income, saving you significantly on your vehicle costs long term. 

3. Re-sell with peace of mind
Purchasing under a novated lease can often offer you an advantage when you’re looking to resell your car.

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